Soup Nizzy ft Fat Rob :"YAK" Freestyle Official Video Dir. by B-Cees

TCB's own Soup nizzy is back with his latest video titled "Yak" Freestyle off his latest project released "Born 2 lose, built 2 win". Soup nizzy's authentic style, lyricism, story telling ability & his original sound separates him from others... Collaborating on this track with fat rob also a new haven native, artist, engineer & producer shows his lyrical skills while painting a vivid picture for the audience on this track...With soup nizzy & fat rob tag teaming on the track & B-Cees behind the camera, well let's just say that these guys know how to "Take Care of business" Director b-cees does an exceptional job again bringing the visual to life. New Haven, Ct Stand up!!!!!!!!!! Everyone enjoy the video...

#tcbfilms #tcb #soupnizzy #bcees #rap #musicvideo #hiphopmusic #YAK #SayKoolaid #TheSoupKitchen #Yessir #YoungCinematic

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